Our business is client driven and we adopt a ‘hands-on’ approach from the outset.

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Joslan Financial Services provides optimal financing solutions in Australia. Financing services include Property Purchases, Financing of Specialised Assets, Property Development and Construction, Mezzanine Debt and Equity Funding, Refinancing, Residential Finance and Cash Flow Lending.



  • Property Purchases

    Provision of finance to assist with the purchase of Retail, Commercial and Industrial properties in most States of Australia with LVR’s varying depending on location and the nature of the asset to be acquired. As a guide, an LVR in the range of 66% - 75% would apply. In most cases, the borrower will need to demonstrate a history of profitability (usually 2-3 years) sufficient to meet servicing costs.

  • Financing of Specialised Assets

    Includes Hotels and Registered Clubs, Child Care Centres, Kindergartens, etc. In all likelihood, Joslan Financial Services will be able to secure a lender from its database to finance ‘Specialised Assets’. Experience of the borrower is the key to success in this area and ‘start-up’ operations are unlikely to be successful in sourcing finance. LVR’s vary between the types of assets and generally will be in the range of 50%-75%.

  • Property Development & Construction

    Joslan Financial Services can assist with property acquisition as a step towards development of the land. Provision of Construction Finance is generally based on either a percentage of the Gross Realisable Value of the completed development or against project ‘Hard Costs’. Equity required will vary between projects with Joslan Financial Services being able to assist with the provision of Mezzanine or Second Mortgage funding for quality projects where the equity component may be less than that required by the lender.

  • Mezzanine Debt & Equity Funding

    There will be occasions where a borrower has contributed all available equity into a project / acquisition and finds that the LVR for that particular debt produces a shortfall. It may be a property development , a retail, commercial or industrial purchase or short term bridging finance. Whatever the requirement, Joslan Financial Services has the ability to raise Mezzanine or Second Mortgage finance for short to medium terms and can source Equity as required. Pricing of such finance is undertaken on a ‘case by case’ basis.

  • Refinance

    Perhaps the most common form of finance and usually occurs when the borrower has a falling out or is dissatisfied with their existing lender. Occasionally pricing is the same reason and in either case, Joslan Financial Services will source the most appropriate form of finance to take out the existing lender. Segregation of assets from one lender is also a major objective of our specialist lending team.

  • Cash Flow Lending

    There will be occasions where business or company property assets are valued at less than the amount required to see the business operate effectively. This will require lending against cash flow and it is some times difficult for a borrower to locate a lender in this very specialised area. Joslan Financial Services are experienced in packaging and presenting funding proposals that require such specialist involvement.


  • For company lending, we require the last 2 years Financial Statements, together with each Director’s personal tax returns for the past 2 years.

  • Applications by ‘new’ ventures will need to be supported by fully prepared cash flows signed off by the applicant’s Accountants.

  • All applications are to be supported by a Statement of Assets & Liabilities for all parties to the transaction.

  • Preferred term for poker machine is 36 months, Nil Balloon / Residual.

  • Computers maximum term 48 months Nil Balloon / Residual.

  • All other plant and equipment, minimum amount is $20,000. We can obtain finance on lesser amounts, however the interest rate will reflect the smaller size of the transaction.

About Us

The business was established in January 2002. The Principal of the Company, Geoff Neilson, has over 40 years experience within the Finance Industry (both in Australia & Overseas), and over 12 of these years have been spent ‘specialising’ in International Trade Finance (Import / Export Finance).

In January 2006, the Company established Headquarters in Epping, NSW with a view toward expanding the business areas of Commercial Finance, Asset Finance (Leasing, Hire Purchase & Rental) and Residential Finance.

The Company employs specialised and highly experienced personnel, who fully understand the needs of our clients and are proactive in their approach. Our business is client driven and we adopt a ‘hands-on’ approach from the outset.

Through a comprehensive database of Finance Providers, Joslan Financial Services can ultimately deliver the best solution to the client from the many different types of Commercial Finance Products available. This process relies heavily on the ability and experience of our people to identify the specific needs of the Borrower and with extensive market experience in both the Corporate & Commercial arenas, we ensure quality delivery on very competitive terms.

In January 2010, the Company relocated and now operates out of premises located in the Gosford CBD.

  • Geoff Neilson is a Credit Representative
    (Authorised Credit Representative No. 400592) and Joslan Financial Services Pty Ltd ACN: 675 883 717
    (Corporate Credit Rep No: 558920)
    under BLSSA Pty Ltd
    Australian Credit Licence No: 391237

  • Finance Brokers Association Australia
    Member 4054

  • Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited (AFCA) – Member Number 106486

FAST Company Profile

Finance and Systems Technology Pty Ltd (FAST) is one of Australia's largest mortgage broking groups servicing over 1,400 mortgage brokers, some of whom have been industry award winners and finalists for their professional mortgage broking services.

FAST has a nationally recognised education standard for membership. All accredited members of FAST must have completed or are in the process of completing a Diploma in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking). In addition, a minimum of two years industry experience is required prior to joining the membership.

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